Where does optimism start and end?

I know I have not posted in quite some time to this blog, but here it goes. Where does optimism start and where does it end? There has been a call from optimism from people who feel that the world is starting to become darker and darker. Some say that things are just being “unveiled” and that things will “get better” while some call it the “next great dark age.” I am not sure where the current timeline is headed, but all that I know is that without optimism we are totally f*cked.

There is no way around it, optimism is the fuel that keeps us going. Without the thought that things can change for a positive turn is important. The current situation in the world should teach us one thing, and one thing only. That we cannot rely on governments, churches, organizations to make the change happen, nor can we rely on prayers and speech without action. If you see a change that needs to take place, help to make the change happen. Either volunteer your time, or donate to help others who are engaged in making the positive change happen. Donate for people helping to find people housing, food, healthcare. Not to empty demagogues and raconteurs who do nothing more than listen to their own voice over megaphones and social media.

If you see a neighbor who needs help, do not be afraid to ask if they need help. I’m not saying pick up every hitch-hiker you meet near a state prison, as this is a really bad idea, but help those immediately around you in your own neighborhood. If we do this then the positive affect with be a spiraling wave of hope across the world. Do not feel bad if you cannot physically help a person, being there to listen, is just as important. Many people are ignored or looked down upon due to mental health issues. We should be their friends and not their judges. Their helpers and not their obstacles. There is hope in this world, and I see it.

Land of Mystery and Secrets

O Egypt, Land of Beauty and Yesteryear,Giza-Pyramids
Land of lore and mystery!
Once forgotten to history, never lost
Amongst all the souls that you have forged in your fires and temples!
In your pyramids and in secrets,
yet again to be reborn, cosmic
travellers come back to awaken.
All that modern man thought was lost
and forgotten!


IMG_4868The greatest thing we have that we can give to each other is never-ending compassion. It is by total chance you are who you are. You could of easy been that person that you see on the street homeless suffering in the sub-zero temperatures. You could of been the child starving not knowing where their next meal will come from. You could of been the person no one cared to love or say how truly great they are. The race and the place you’re born in are random. In the cosmic scheme no one is separate, no one is different. The feeling of difference that people have is an illusion. Illusions guide our every day. The illusion that you cannot have compassion towards another being. Even those people that we despise still deserve compassion.


palmauraEverything around us is vibrating. For instance the Sun’s vibration in the audible frequency range is 126.22 Hz. The human body has a vibrational frequency around 62-78 MHz. Quartz Crystals have a frequency around 32 KHz. In Short everything around us from the smallest atom to the largest structures all have a vibrational frequency. The ancients understood the power of attuning to these frequencies to bring about change and healing in the human body or planet.

Attuning the body to the vibrations of the cosmic AUM can balance our minds and bodies to higher states of awareness of the illusion of reality around us. Everything within us resonates with something, it is up to us to choose what we want to resonate with. Whether we attune with the material unreality around us or the Ultimate Truth of the Sublime Cosmic Essence within.