The Eternal Sun

Paracelsus“There is an earthly sun that is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see it may feel the heat. There is an Eternal Sun that is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that Sun and be concious of Its existence; and even those who have not yet attained spiritual consciousness may feel Its power by an inner faculty that is called intuition.” ~ Paracelsus


Summer Solstice

The Sun at its highest
Shines down onto the Earth below.

The Sun signals to those in the North
It’s time to grow!

Half the cycle has come and gone;
A cycle of rebirth begins.

The soul awakens to a new period
Of growth and rejuvenation.


Standing silent as ancient sentinels,
Guarding their secrets, for those who seek.

Drawing from distant lands, those
Who their mysteries can unlock.

Energies felt, dreams awakened.
Old memories of times long forgotten.

Of lives lived. Of lives to live.
Stones of wonder, and stones of wisdom.

Stones of energy and inner peace.
Stones of those who knew the secrets,

The majority in modern times has forgotten.
Calling out to those who listen, to come

And re-awaken their inner gnosis. To once
Again soar into the stars!