Man sitting under tree with rising sun raysEveryone’s been lonely at one point in their lives. When is the last time you took time to be alone by yourself feeling your own thoughts and your own heartbeat and having gratitude for everything. Realizing that you are part of everything, and everything is a part of you? I have noticed that sometimes when I want to be alone, others cannot understand this, but as an empath, I need more alone time than do most people. Others feel awkward when they are alone, but for me there is nothing better than standing alone by the window and watching the sunrise, alone with myself, and the divine presence that is in everything.

For me being constantly around people is smothering, I can feel everything they are feeling and sometimes pick up on other aspects of that person. Then there are other people who I can’t stand to be around where even if they were 100 feet away you could feel a sick feeling in the stomach. Then there are the other people who are so energetic it makes your whole body go into tingles. As an empath I value all the alone time I can get, as most people do not understand that even their near presence can be felt and can be smothering.

True there are some people who are less sensitive to other people who crave others around them. This is great and for them being alone is the worst thing. Once they are alone for a day or two they start to become neurotic. These people also have needs and to say that being alone would help them is wrong. For these people they need connections with others.

Take some time out sometime to wake up before dawn and stand near an east facing window and watch the Sun rise and see all the grandeur that it holds.

Loneliness is not always a terrible thing.

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