Therapeutic Baths

The Dead Sea at SunriseHow many of us enjoyed taking baths as children? Both sexes men and women enjoyed taking baths as children. But as they grow older people want the “quickness” of a shower. But in order to truly relax a body a hot bath is best. Salt baths are the best for the skin, the skin is the largest organic surface on the body. Through the skin the whole body can be re-energized and cleansed. The heat from the water relaxes the muscles and eases the mind into a more restful state which helps stress to diminish.

One of the best methods of taking a bath is to get the water as hot as you can tolerate it, and then use equal parts of Dead Sea salt (high in minerals) and Epsom salt. Also using a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender, sandalwood, or myrrh also help to relax and provide extra help in cleansing the body and relaxing it. When you take a bath make sure you have time to devote to taking a proper bath. A proper bath is usually 20 minutes or so. This allows the body to fully cleanse and to release all the tension and energies that have attached to the body. You will find that after a 20 minute bath you will feel fresh and renewed, more so than say a hot shower.

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