Remember your dreams: How to keep a dream journal.

Setting the StarsMany people often overlook the power that their dreams hold. Dreams are a direct link to the most powerful source of problem solving and understanding that we have. Not to mention, while we dream our bodies are fast asleep and in healing and repair mode. Dreams are a link with the cosmic mind. The divine that pervades every atom of reality.

The key question for many people though is, how do I remember my dreams once I wake up? Well…

  1. You need to keep a Dream Journal next to your bed permanently. This can be any kind of diary or journal that you feel pulled towards. I personally use a Moleskine journal. The most important thing is that you must feel comfortable in writing in the journal. Another nice thing to have is a lighted pen to write with. A lighted pen will allow you to see what you are writing when you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and not be shocked by having to turn on a bright light in the room. Also, if you share your bed with another person or animal you will not disturb them while you are writing down your dreams.
  2. Before you go to sleep, optionally, you can write down a question that you would like an answer to or some clarification on.
  3. Before falling asleep set your intention to remember your dreams when you awaken.
  4. When you wake up in the morning, wake up slowly; and do not try to jump straight out of bed and rush for the coffee machine and expect to remember your dreams. Waking slowly while not moving around allows you to remain in the hypnagogic state longer. Then slowly open your eyes.
  5. Record your dream immediately in your journal when you open your eyes, while keeping the lights off, if possible — this is where the lightwriter pens come in handy.

Keeping a regular dream journal will provide you with more insights into yourself and others than you ever imagined, oh and it is fun!

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