In the Stars

The stars glow around us showing
something that we should be knowing.

We on earth are all made of star molecules
they make our bodies and they make our tools.

Some laugh at this and call those fools
who see the stars as an ancient school.

Whose wisdom all could benefit from
instead of fretting over terms.

You seek knowledge of what makes you who you are
you are made of parts of an ancient star.

The planets revolve
to allow us to evolve.

The stars and planets influence our thoughts
we should not dismiss, but become psychonauts.

We should explore and see if there is a science
in the ancient knowledge instead of being defiant.

Men like Rudhyar and Jung glanced and saw
in the heavens the cosmic law.

The law that binds us to the stars through
our atoms in a type of cosmic brew.

The stars influence how we think;
a key to our actions; a missing link.

They are not a predestination
but the source of our souls creation.

The universe is the astrologer's camp
Illuminating like a cosmic lamp.

Inviting all those who will
to have a seat under the Yggdrasil.

Take a chance
and participate in this cosmic dance.

Open are the books,
Why not have a look?

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